Meet Faisal and Hashem, Makers of Marshmallow Shooters

September 08, 2016

My name is Faisal and my brother’s name is Hashem. We were very excited to join TREP$ club at my school but we didn’t exactly know what our product would be for the TREP$ Marketplace. Then we found something on Youtube which was a very good idea and very easy to make! We wanted something fun – something new – something people would really want to buy. We didn’t want any expensive stuff. We wanted marshmallow shooters that were inexpensive, fun to play with, which we could earn profit from. We found a design that was all of those things.

Our prices were 1 shooter $2 , 2 shooters $3, more marshmallows $1. At the beginning of the marketplace we didn’t get any customers, which was really frustrating. Then my cousin’s brothers helped to advertise the product around the auditorium and cafeteria. Many people started listening to him. They would ask, “Where did you get this? Then he would tell them where our stand was! They would come running for one, because they all wanted to marshmallow fight with each other once they saw our product!” It was very fun to see the smiles on people’s faces .

We learned from TREP$ that if you don’t advertise properly, no one will know what your product is all about, and they will just walk past you. But when you advertise properly people will buy your product.

The Marketplace was a great opportunity for us to share our project with everyone.

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