Helping Kids Understand Money

January 05, 2017

Helping kids understand money means different things at different times.  Here’s the short list:

  • Earning: It takes work to earn money- “Money doesn’t grown on trees.”
  • Money Handling: How to “count up” when making change.
  • Valuing: There is power and responsibility that comes with money (to purchase, to donate to causes you believe in.)
  • Budgeting: Since money is limited, we need to prioritize how we spend it.

In TREP$, kids certainly learn about working hard to earn money.  Since the TREP$ Marketplace is a cash and carry event, they need to practice money handling by making change for customers over and over.  Then what?  It’s time to cover the remaining two money concepts.  They now have the power to choose where that money will go.  Check out our new TREP$ Video: Tips for TREP$ Success: What about the Money?” where Janie returns to talk about all the different options that young entrepreneurs have after the TREP$ Marketplace. To spend, to save or to share, that is the question. A must see for young entrepreneurs.    

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