Entrepreneurship Makes STEM Better

February 05, 2017

On February 18-25 our country will celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week!

Now is the time for Entrepreneurship.
STEM is great…  But according to Toi Hershman, it’s even better with the addition of an entrepreneurial component.  In her article “Entrepreneurship and STEM Education,” Hershman writes, “Entrepreneurship education levels the playing field.  Meaning, even if a student is not interested in a direct STEM field, he or she can be an entrepreneur and possess entrepreneurial mindsets and skills that will benefit him/her in ANY field and occupation.”

I enjoyed her article so much I wanted to share it with you.

an excerpt from the article:

It is wonderful to provide some of these STEM skills and opportunities to students, but we need an end-game if we want our students and the world to capitalize on these efforts.  Therefore, I present to you, for your review, a new acronym.  Get ready, drumroll please…

E-STEM!  Yes, another letter.  The new ‘E’ stands for Entrepreneurship and is IS the end-game.  Why not Entrepreneurship as the vehicle for STEM education?  Is it not the overarching goal?  Once you determine you are a creative, insightful, problem-solving leader, how do you let the world know about it?   Entrepreneurship.  BOOM!

The Entrepreneurship mindset incorporates many of the things STEM education aims to teach.  But without a global understanding, without perseverance, without knowledge of markets and audiences, much creativity and genius could be lost.  Entrepreneurship is the underpinning of all STEM education and can be seamlessly incorporated to produce a well-rounded student ready to tackle the challenges of the real world.

Read the full article.

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