TREP$ Redefines "Listening" for Kids

May 07, 2017

When children are little, we tell them to “listen,” and what we mean is to listen to what we are saying, and follow what we tell them to do.  This is perfectly reasonable for young children.  But when a child reaches these middle years, it’s important to redefine the word “listen.”

In TREP$, we define listening with a more adult variation.  We instruct students to go out and speak with as many people as possible to get feedback from them about their product ideas and plans.  We tell them to “listen” carefully and take notes.  But here’s where the transition happens.  They need to then look at all the information they gathered and really think about what was being said.  Perhaps concerns were voiced about certain aspects or alternate suggestions were made repeatedly.  ‘Treps need to take this information and use it to make informed decisions.

They no longer have to follow the recommendations but consider the information as they make their own decisions.  This is a wonderful shift toward behaving as adults do.  This is key to being a strong decision maker. This is how we lead, rather than follow.

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