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  • TREP$, short for enTREPreneur$, is a project-based learning program that teaches kids in grades 4-8 how to start their own businesses. They learn the lessons in classroom or afterschool workshops, and apply them at home as they build their businesses with the support of their families. The whole school community comes out to enjoy the TREP$ Marketplace, held right at the school, where the young entrepreneurs launch their businesses together. TREP$ can be offered as part of the curriculum or as an extra-curricular enrichment program.  It can be taught by teachers or by volunteers in the school community.

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    • TREP$ has given us a chance to make a business out of something we love to do!

      Ben, Student
    • TREP$ encourages students to set goals and to work hard to achieve them.

      Glenn Kamp, superintendent
    • You have to do some math, but it’s to figure out your expenses and profit.

      Lauren, student
    • There has never been a program that has been so well received, and by such a cross-section of the student population as TREP$. 

      Maria Picone, school counselor
    • When I sold out of my product, I felt great!

      Kelly, student
    • Thank you…what you’ve created touches so many people with such an intense, positive impact.

      Beth Pellegrino, parent
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