Entrepreneurship and STEM Education

January 25, 2017

With excitement growing for National Entrepreneurship Week, February 18-26, 2017, I checked out the website of the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education to see what great resources I could share with my readers. Very quickly I found what I was looking for: a gem of an article about how STEM programs benefit with the addition of an entrepreneurship component. This is something I’ve been shouting for a long time, but not as eloquently. There were so many things I agreed with in Toi Hershman’s article, Entrepreneurship and STEM Education.

In it, Hershman writes, “Entrepreneurship education levels the playing field. Meaning, even if a student is not interested in a direct STEM field, he or she can be an entrepreneur and possess entrepreneurial mindsets and skills that will benefit him/her in ANY field and occupation. The Entrepreneurial mindset also levels the playing field in ways No Child Left Behind (NCLB) would appreciate in that there are many students who may not be as successful in a traditional academic environment (i.e. desks, rows, homework) that have incredible and insatiable aptitudes for entrepreneurship.”

Read the complete article.

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