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  • The TREP$ Program teaches kids in grades 4-8 how to start their own businesses in 6-8 weeks. They learn the lessons in the 6 weekly workshops, and apply them at home as they build their business with the help of their families. The whole school community comes out to enjoy the TREP$ Marketplace, held right at the school, where the young entrepreneurs launch their businesses together. TREP$ can be offered as part of the curriculum or as after-school enrichment and can be taught by teachers or by volunteers in the school community.
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    • It’s Grit that Drives Success
      Every kid really is unique.  Each student brings something different to the table, quite literally!  But despite their uniqueness, our 'treps all come to agree on one thing.  Starting a business is hard work, but working hard at something you choose to do, feels good.  What an important life lesson.  Figure out what you want […]
    • Who Drives Creativity and Change in the World?
      In his TED Talk, organizational psychologist Adam Grant looks at the surprising habits of original thinkers.  Watch this video- it's so interesting!  Here's what I got out of it: These "originals" are the innovators.  "Originals drive creativity and change in the world.  They're the people you want to bet on."  He goes on to speak […]
    • Meet Mia of “Fab Decor”
      My name is Mia and I am a 12 year old 7th grader at Pearl Miller Middle School in Kinnelon, NJ.The name of my company is Fab Decor and my goal is to make innovative, unique, gifts and home decor items. The idea I had was to make "Lightbulb Aquariums". This is a cool "Aquarium" […]
    • TREP$ has given us a chance to make a business out of something we love to do!

      Ben, Student
    • TREP$ encourages students to set goals and to work hard to achieve them.

      Glenn Kamp, superintendent
    • You have to do some math, but it’s to figure out your expenses and profit.

      Lauren, student
    • There has never been a program that has been so well received, and by such a cross-section of the student population as TREP$. 

      Maria Picone, school counselor
    • When I sold out of my product, I felt great!

      Kelly, student
    • Thank you…what you’ve created touches so many people with such an intense, positive impact.

      Beth Pellegrino, parent
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  • We empower children by providing a fun, project-based learning experience which creatively integrates entrepreneurship education with the opportunity to apply business, academic, and life skills.

    We envision a world where all children are given the opportunity to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset in order to prepare them to succeed in our ever-changing economy.

  • Who We Are

    TREPS ED, LLC provides schools, parent associations, and community organizations with TREP$™, a comprehensive project-based entrepreneurship curriculum designed for students in grades 4-8.

    Our History

    When 9-year-old Jack Romano of New Jersey wanted yet another Lego™ set, his mother encouraged him to earn the money to buy it himself.  Jack accepted the challenge and prepared for his first business launch by booking a space at a local vendors’ market.  As he began production of hand-stamped wrapping paper, he realized he could use some more hands!  His friend and fellow 4th-grader Hans deWaal soon came on as Jack’s business partner.  The young entrepreneurs quickly sold out of their product and happily profited about $35 each.

    The boys’ mothers, Hayley Romano and Pamela deWaal, were proud of their boys’ financial success, but they noticed a whole host of other unexpected, valuable opportunities Jack and Hans had experienced through their brief stint as small business owners.  The chance to learn basic business concepts.  The chance to innovate.  The chance to make decisions.  The chance to work hard.  The chance to see something through from start to finish.  The chance to take a chance.

    The experience inspired Hayley and Pamela to develop a program that offered students in their children’s school those same opportunities.  With the support of the PTA, TREP$ was piloted as an after-school club at the Paradise Knoll School in Oak Ridge, New Jersey in 2006.   TREP$ was soon named winner of the New Jersey PTA’s Champion for Children Award and a top 5 finalist of the National PTA’s Phoebe Apperson Hearst Award, propelling it into the spotlight.  As other schools began to express interest in offering the program, Hayley and Pamela seized the market opportunity and became entrepreneurs themselves.  TREPS ED, LLC was established in 2007 and began marketing the TREP$ curriculum.


  • Our People

  • Pamela deWaal, Partner

    Pamela is a certified mathematics teacher who lives in New Jersey with her husband, son, and daughter.  After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Montclair State University, her desire to work with children motivated her to return to school to earn her elementary and mathematics teaching certificates from William Paterson University.

  • Hayley Romano, Partner

    Hayley is a certified K-8 teacher who resides in New Jersey with her husband and three sons.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Bucknell University and completed her teaching certification at William Paterson University.

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